Lane Van Doren

Artist Statement      

My father, who was an architect, encouraged me to develop my own artistic interests at an early age. Art was my primary focus at school.

Throughout life I have made a living producing a variety of artworks in the private & public sector. Through extensive world travel, my work suggests a connection with cultural symbols, forms and language, both formal and primitive. My works initially entice, and are complex enough to stay fresh. My works are substantial, powerful and playful, culturally timely without becoming trendy. It was the fabrication of unique architectural accents, sculptural elements, lighting, and art that offer a subtle invitation to pleasure, to treasure, and to delight.

I often collaborate with other design professionals. I enjoy the challenge of working in context with existing architecture and settings.

I have always produced Architectural designs, with detailed interior & exterior elevations, and am very familiar with commercial & residential construction techniques. I have designed and built nine contemporary residences in California and New Mexico.

Commissioned Work
I work exclusively on commission. The works are specific to an actual setting or a client. With few exceptions, I personally install, or oversee the installation of all sculptural pieces, architectural facades, accents, doors, entry transitions, and water features. Paintings and other two-dimensional works, however, only require an initial site visit and shipping.

I strive to have all installations completed per agreement and on time, and have succeeded every time.

Special Note about Architectural Pieces
Often I embed my art pieces into existing settings and structures without creating a glaring artistic incident. Instead, the work becomes a transition, a pathway, to something special, interesting, and temptingly profound.

Once a project is confirmed, I will provide detailed structural drawings and elevations for the installations. Sometimes I provide a scale model, as well as submission of materials and finish options, to help a client imagine the ambience created by the final installation.

Most of my work requires initial design consultation.  (Travel and expenses, as well as design fee, are required to proceed.)


These pieces are available for immediate sale and will ship from the studio in Mexico. Click image for price.